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Why Does My Home Feel Humid?

July 1, 2022 | Blog

No one likes humid weather, let alone within your home! This can be an extremely frustrating feeling when your indoor air quality is poor.

That is why, here at My Guy Heating & Air, we are here to provide you with the information needed to address these issues! We will inform you of what could be causing your humidity issues and what steps to take to find solutions.

Common Causes Of Humidity In Homes

Everyday Activities

Humidity can build up in your home without even realizing that you are potentially responsible. Your daily routine may be functional for you but troublesome when fighting humidity.

Daily activities, such as taking a shower, washing dirty laundry or cleaning the dishes, can lead to humidity in the home. These activities increase moisture and can cause problems with mold and mildew buildup!

Humid Air Leaking Inside Home

If your home is not air-tight, then this can place you at risk of leaks. Any opening or crack inside or surrounding the home could potentially lead to increased humidity.

It is best to check for cracks in the infrastructure of your home, such as your roof, and even look at pipes. Your doors and windows also need to be properly sealed. A properly sealed home can also help with the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Issues With AC Unit

It may seem obvious but, of course, the air conditioning unit itself can be causing the humidity problems. An internal issue such as frozen coils can be a major problem as it will not dehumidify the air as well.

Dirt or dust can accumulate over time within the unit, and this can also hinder your AC’s ability to prevent humidity. An oversized unit is also problematic. One that is too large can be ineffective when controlling temperature.

How To Make My Home Less Humid

Decrease Heat In Shower

Now, this might be the last piece of advice you want to hear, but it can be beneficial. Taking long and extremely hot showers can increase humidity, as aforementioned.

So, it is simple math — you must be more conscious of your showering habits. This will decrease moisture in the air and potentially save you the muggy headache.

Reassess Cooking Habits

There is nothing wrong with being a foodie, however, the way you handle cooking your meals may be the cause of humidity in your home. You can still enjoy your favorite dishes, but it is best to take precautions while doing so.

Utilizing the exhaust fans on your stove while covering your cooking pots can help decrease moisture in the air. Slow cookers should also be worked into your routine to assist with the issue.

Utilize Outside Air Drying For Laundry

Dryers are a common cause of excessive moisture in your home that can easily be overlooked. Ensuring that your vents lead to the outside of your home instead of allowing them to spread moisture inside can be beneficial.

But, to think creatively, placing clothes outside the home to dry on a clothesline can be a major help!

Contact My Guy Heating And Air For AC Maintenance!

The best way to help with humidity in the home is to contact us at My Guy Heating & Air! Receiving our professional help regarding tune-ups and maintenance can make all the difference in your issues.

If you are seeking an Escondido AC company, then we are your best choice! Give us a call today to ensure that you will be breathing comfortably in no time!

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