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Maintaining Clean Indoor Air With Pets

We love our pets here in Escondido. The wagging tails, the happy smiles, the games and cuddles — we couldn’t imagine our life without our furry friends! But we don’t want them to affect the air we breathe. How can we manage both?

My Guy Heating & Air is proud to promote Escondido home air health. We want our community to enjoy their time with their pets and not worry about the dirt and pet dander they leave behind. That’s why we’re providing some DIY indoor air quality tips to make your life easier and your air cleaner!

Make Regular Cleaning Habits

It’s impossible to keep all air contaminants out of your home, so the next logical thing is to work to remove them once they’re there. Air contaminants like pet dander, fur and dirt are heavier than air particles. This means they often drop to the nearest surface and stick. Your carpets, rugs and furniture are prime places for allergens to hide for days or even weeks. Every time you step on your carpet or sit down to enjoy your furniture, you could be releasing irritating particles into the air.

This is why our team recommends forming frequent cleaning habits — specifically vacuuming your floors and furniture and washing your sheets often. The more frequently you keep up with these chores, the more likely you are to avoid the allergy symptoms that often come with owning pets. 

Groom Your Pets Often

Some of our furry family members can’t help that they shed a lot! While you can’t stop the fur from shedding altogether, you can try to reduce the full effect of fur shedding everywhere in your home. Try to brush or groom your pets often to control when and where the fur comes out. Promoting a healthy coat by bathing or taking your pets to be professionally groomed is also a great way to reduce the pet fur in the air.

Change Your Air Filters

If you do have pets that shed a lot, you’ve probably seen what your air filter looks like after a couple of months. When your filter gets coated in fur, it can’t filter out other contaminants properly. You may notice the lower air quality when you experience more allergy symptoms or your AC may start to strain. Set a reminder for yourself to make sure you check and change out your air filters regularly. If you have pets in your home, consider checking the air filters even more frequently than is recommended. 

Invest In Home Filtration

If you still notice that your air quality is subpar, it’s time to consider upgrading your home filtration system. Your AC and air filters can only capture so much air pollution before they are overcome. You may need a more powerful filtration system designed to remove those larger particles out of your air. Whole-home filtration allows the mass of air that flows through your entire home to be filtered more fully. You can bet that your indoor air quality problems will be curbed by this solution.

Ready For The Pros?

If you need a professional solution to your indoor air quality problems, look no further! My Guy Heating & Air is ready to evaluate your air quality and recommend the very best air filtration system for your home. Whether you’re interested in portable air filters, whole-home filtration or simply want to learn more about your existing air filters, we can help! Contact us today and start breathing cleaner, clearer air!

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