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What is a Ductless Air Conditioner?

September 15, 2020 | Blog

Ductless AC has become increasingly popular in recent years, leading many homeowners to wonder about how it works and why so many are choosing it to keep their homes comfortable.

Let’s break down how ductless AC works, how it differs from traditional AC and why it might be the best option for you.

How does a ductless air conditioner work?

Ductless AC works relatively simply – with an indoor unit and an outdoor unit that connect through a small hole in the wall for wires and tubing to run through. Refrigerant travels into the evaporator coils in the indoor unit, absorbing heat from the air and turning into a pressurized gas.

A fan blows the cool air back out of the system while the refrigerant travels to the outdoor unit’s condenser coils. The refrigerant then cools off, the heat is blown away by another fan and then the refrigerant is pumped back into the evaporator coils to repeat the process.

Traditional vs. Ductless

True to its name, ductless air conditioning is different from traditional AC primarily in that it doesn’t use air ducts. In traditional AC, air ducts are used to distribute the cool air throughout the house, but ductless AC doesn’t use them because it cools a single area. This makes ductless AC installation easier and makes the system useful in a variety of different situations, including:

  • Closing in a garage or attic
  • Adding AC to the basement
  • Cooling home extensions and guest houses
  • Cooling older homes that can’t accommodate ductwork

Some ductless systems can be designed to cool or heat an entire home.

Ductless systems are much more efficient than a traditional system. They are small and easy to place, mostly being installed high on a wall to save space. Homeowners often favor them over other types of AC because of their sleek style.

Maintaining a Ductless AC

Even though ductless AC doesn’t require the hassle of duct maintenance, the system itself needs maintenance just like traditional AC. To keep your system running smoothly, change the air filter regularly, and make sure that the condenser coils in the outside unit are clean and free of debris.

If your system does break down, contact My Guy Heating & Air, the trusted Escondido AC company. Our licensed professionals will repair your ductless system quickly and correctly. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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